Winter Box Lacrosse

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Who: boys (28-26 Classes)


When: Every Thursday starting Dec. 2nd through Jan. 13th


Time: 6pm-8pm

Where: Red Rose Arena


Cost: $225

* Goalies -- Please contact us for a discounted rate

* Sessions are limited to 30 players

About Box Lacrosse Training

Winter Box lacrosse Training sessions will consist of an hour of skills work and an hour of live play and scrimmaging.  We will introduce box lacrosse concepts and drill work that are used at the highest level of the box game.  We will take those concepts and drills and apply them in live drill work and scrimmaging.  Box lacrosse can be a key part of a players development -- Learning how to play in a tighter space will help improve stick work, spatial awareness, and allow kids to gain a deeper understanding of concepts that can be taken to the outdoor game.