1 Session - $100

3 Sessions - $270

5 Sessions - $435

8 Sessions - $700 (Full evaluation + Drill packet included)

Each session is 1 hour

What's included:


- Training and programming specific to the players needs and goals.


- Detailed, instant feedback


- Flexible scheduling


8 Session Package includes:

• 8 1-hour training sessions

• A full 10-12 page video evaluation and drill sheet. 

• The evaluation includes strengths, key areas for improvement, and an action plan.  The action covers drills, workouts, and customized programs based on the players needs

Please contact to schedule your sessions 

*Training is available to players of all positions and skill levels


Benefits of Private Training:

Training tailored to the specific needs of each player  -- Private training is perfect for players who might be new to the game, for players who want to work on a specific part of their game, or for advanced players looking for that extra fine-tuning to take them to the next level.  The one-on-one coaching attention also brings more attention to detail during each session!